SAMSUNG - Hotel TV – Standard series

Full HD (40”)

HD ready (32”)

Download Samsung 470 Series PDF file

470S Series

Enhance guest room ambience with advanced hospitality displays.

  • Simplify display and content management on an existing infrastructure with LYNK REACH 3.1
  • Provide guests with an enhanced, user-friendly UI for greater convenience
  • Boost revenue with paid channels and conveniently manage guest rooms
  • Treat guests with a customized, cost-efficient Home Menu
  • Protect content with advanced DRM technology
  • Headphone ID compatibility
  • Multi-code Remote
  • System Integrator (SI) compatibility
  • My Channel
  • Sound Bar Compatibility
  • Security Mode

Chic and functional Samsung HD470 Series SMART Hospitality Displays elevate the guest experience with enjoyable and customized in-room viewing. With Samsung’s enhanced content management solution, LYNK™ REACH 3.1, featuring an improved UI that is specifically designed for the hospitality industry using coaxial infrastructure, you can boost branding while increasing accessibility to key hotel information and menus. LYNK™ REACH also enables remote management of in-room TVs and provides a customizable user interface (UI) and various content to enhance guest convenience.

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