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The boutique hotel Maria Luisa was successfully upgraded with the latest InfoStar IPTV system.

Portobello Wellness & Yacht Hotel, Esztergom selected InfoStar for their interactive IPTV system.

InfoStar already stepped in Hungary, in the best 4 star hotel for 2015.

The hotel systems InfoStar IPTV, InfoStar VOD, InfoStar INFO & InfoStar INFOsign are successfully installed in the 5 star hotel Villa Dubrovnik

Hotel Villa Dubrovnik selected InfoStar Interactive TV Systems.

Interactive TV

Eurodesign BG Ltd with its next generation interactive TV system provides the hospitality industry with the most powerful marketing and revenue generating tool, transforming hotel TV sets in rooms and public areas into a tailor-made hotel media.

InfoStar Interactive TV systems are designed to stay technology innovated and modern during the long renovation cycle of the hoteliers.

Because of that Eurodesign BG uses specially selected hardware vendors for its InfoStar systems in order to guarantee the performance, efficiency, functionality, stability and modernity of its solutions.

Digital signage

Searching for a new way to promote and address your star products or services to your clients?

Eurodesign BG Ltd. offers Digital Signage solutions perfect for all business demands.

We offer wide range of Digital Signage displays that can be used by hotels, hospitals, restaurants, bars, stadiums, retail and others.Our professional team will guide you throw the different models of Digital Signage displays and assist you in making the right choice.

App development

The applications we craft are perfectly suitable for:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants, bars, clubs, etc.
  • Stores
  • Fitness and SPA centers
  • Educational institutions
  • Magazines
  • Product catalogues

Current projects

Portobello Wellness & Yacht Hotel, Esztergom, Hungary

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